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Mónica García, Rocío Poveda, Carmen Corona y Hannia González, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV) researchers who work on Maggie Project, have meet with the The Brussels Binder’s researching group with the purpose of building collaborative bonds related with genre studies. Members of the project #DóndeEstánEllas, an initiative that seeks to visibilze the participation of women into debates and conferences, was at the meeting aswell.

The meeting was set up with the purpose to create collaborations between the different groups and, doing so, exporting The Brussels Binder project to Spain. The main focus of this project, framed inside the BBBeyond Project (Brussels Binder Beyond), is to develope a database of women experts in different fields. The main goal of the project is to improve the visibility of expert women and remark the gender gap that exist between the representation of women and men. Moreover, it intends to create links between organizations whose research topic are the gender studies, create sinergies and develope workspaces between women.

INGENIO’s researchers who went to the meeting are working nowadays on MAGGIE (MONITORING AND ASSESSING GENDER GAP IN EVENTS). The main aim of this project is the development of a tool based on performance indicators, which will allow monitoring and evaluating gender roles and inequalities in European high-level policy events in order to tackle the underrepresentation of women. During the meeting, held in Madrid, INGENIO’s researchers exhibited MAGGIE’s project and it was really welcomed.

Besides MAGGIE’s team and Brussels Binder’s team, there were there members of the project #DondeEstánEllas. This projects aim is to point out the participation of women into debates and conferences.

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