Maggie’s team monitorize the 5th Geography of Innovation Conference

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Mónica García, Carmen Corona y Hannia González, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV) researchers who work on Maggie Project, have attended the 5th edition of the Geography of Innovation Conference, celebrated in Stavanger (Norway) between the 29th and the 31st of January. There, the researchers have monitorized the event with the purpose to test MAGGIE, the tool based on indicators that intends to diagnose the gender gap that exists in academic events.

INGENIO researchers have attended to the Geography of Innovation Conference, one of the most relevant events related with the innovation field, to test the potential of Maggie, analyze the gender gap and give advise, if necessary, the organization team about how to reduce this gap. This congress have been the first academic event monitorized by MAGGIE’s project and it is an inflection point to carry on with the tests and improve the indicators.

Throughout all the event, MAGGIE’s Team (MONITORING AND ASSESSING GENDER GAP IN EVENTS), have observed and recorded, exhaustively, relevant data to diagnose the existent gender gap. Amongst the data recorded, it’s remarkable the number of speakers according to their sex, the duration of the main presentations, the number of questions asked according to the sex of the speakers or the order of interventions. Moreover, García, Corona and González have interviewed many experts that attended to the event to know, personally, how they understand and perceive the gender gap existent in academic events.

MAGGIE it’s a project funded by the initiative Open Society Iniciative For Europe (OSIFE), from the Open Society Foundations (OSF). This organization supports economically groups of civil society or academic society with the purpose to promote the social justice, education, public healthcare or human rights.

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