The main aim of this project is to create and develop a tool based on performance indicators, which will allow monitoring and evaluating gender roles and inequalities in European high-level policy events. This tool will act as a traffic light.

It will indicate red when the event has bad behaviour level with respect to gender issues in participation, amber when it is correct but could be improved and green whet it has a good behaviour level.

The event achieving a green will be considered as a best practice and could be granted as a Gender Seal. When the result is amber or red, Maggie will give guidelines for the improvement of its performance.​

For that, we will indentify key gender dimensions and desing specific lists of performance indictators for each policy event, accounting context-based indicators, specific for this type of events.

Maggie will play a crucial role as a diagnosis tool which will help to map the overall gender gap at European events under study by identifying their weakness regarding gender dimensions and increase the number of women speakers in top events, facilitating its management, showcasing ease-of-use and fostering its adoption.

MAGGIE will also allow us to create a Gender Seal to benchmark the different events under study. The tool will be developed during the first year of the project (July 2019- July 2020) and it will be applied to different European high-level policy events throughout the second year (July 2020-July 2021).

Finally, we will inform the public debate on the key issue of advancing gender equality, which is part of the Sustainable Development Goal number 5. Women representation, women empowerment and their effective participation in society become essential aspects to reach that goal.