Experts interviewed

We interviewed a list of known experts on their respective fields to help us identify and discuss which dimensions and indicators should be considered when monitoring gender gap.

Belle Derks

Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University

Her research focuses on issues concerning social identity threat, minority status and the consequences of negative stereotypes among women and other minorities in work and educational contexts.

Mara Yerkes

Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Social Science at Utrecht University

Yerkes research centers on the two broad themes of comparative social policy and social inequalities. In relation to social policy, Yerkes researches comparative welfare states, industrial relations and citizenship regimes. In relation to social inequalities, Yerkes’ research interests include inequalities related to work, care, communities and families, in particular in relation to gender, generations, and sexuality.

Monica Gaughan

Professor at Arizona State University

Gaughan earned a master’s degree and doctorate in sociology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Her research focuses on the training, distribution, and migration of scientists and engineers in the global knowledge system. She has a particular interest in the U.S. science system and its relationship to other science systems.

Mercedes Delgado

Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School and Research Scientist at the MIT Innovation Initiative

Delgado’s research focuses on the relationship between the regional business environment and the performance of inventors, firms, regions, and countries.

Shiri Breznitz

Associate professor, munk school of global affairs and public policy

Breznitz is an economic geographer, specializes in innovation, technology commercialization, and regional economic development.

Her research is at the critical intersection of theory and policy to fit the new realities of globalization.

Marta Soler

Full Professor of Sociology at the University of Barcelona and Director of CREA (Community of Researchers on Excellence for All)

Soler is President of the ESA (European Sociological Association). She obtained her PhD from Harvard University in 2001

Her research focuses on the analysis of communicative acts, as applied to gender inequalities and gender violence.